My name is Terry Coral EchoHawk. My traditional Indian name is WahWahDassnoquay–translated from Ojibway it means “Northern Lights Woman”. I was raised in the Ojibway traditional lifestyle, by my  ‘real’ family, Kendall and Lillian Rice. After a 35 year separation, I found my biological Athabascan family from Nikolai, Alaska. This blog is dedicated to All My Relations.

This is an assortment of Alaskan Native bits and pieces. It contains traditional stories, clothing, quotes, history, traditional foods, recipes, traditional medicines and some miscellaneous items.


2 responses to “About

  1. gichi-apiitendaagwad
    its good to see respect for the native way of life, the way home to ancestral self!

  2. Hi, I named our Malamute “Suke Deneegi” Which I thought was “White-foot moose”. She passed away and I wanted to see maybe I was wrong? She was a great dog- 160 lbs. and really smart.

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