05.05.08–Distant Time Stories As Told By My Grandfather–The Raven And The Owl



The Raven and the Owl

Believe it or not, but in Distant Times the Raven and the Owl were both white as snow. One day they met on the tundra, and raven said:

“Aren’t you tried of being so white, Owl? I know I am. Why don’t we each paint the other a different color?”

“All right,” the owl replied. “We can try and see what comes of it, I suppose.”

The Raven was pleased.

“Good! Good!” he cried. “Let us begin. You paint me first and then I’ll paint you.”

“Oh no,” said the owl. It was you who suggested it, so it’s you that has to begin.”

“Very well,” Raven agreed.

He scraped some of the burnt–out fat from a  lamp, and using that and a large feather plucked out from his own tail, set to painting the owl. He took great care doing it and drew gray spots of every size on each feather, larger ones on the owl’s wings and smaller ones on her breast and back.

“Oh, how beautiful I’ve made you, owl!” cried he when he had finished. “Just look at yourself.”

The owl looks at herself and could not get her fill of looking. “Yes indeed!” she said at last, please. “These spots are lovely. And now let me do the same for you. By the time I get through with you’ll be so handsome you won’t know your own self.”

The Raven turned his head towards the sun, squinted his eyes and froze on the spot. He was very eager for the owl to make a good job of painting him.

The owl set about it with great zeal. It took her some time to get done, and when she had, she looked the Raven over. Then glancing from him to herself, she found that the Raven was now brighter and more beautiful than she. Angered that this should be so, she came up close to him, poured what was left of the fat she had been using over him and flew away.

The Raven rubbed his eyes, and that he was now quite black all over, cried: “Oh, you sharp–clawed Owl, oh, you keen–eyed Owl, what have you done! You have made me blacker than soot, blacker than night!”

That is the end of my tale, and from that day on never has a Raven been seen that was not black.

Cited From: The Turtle Tracks Organization.




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