05.01.08–Distant Time Stories As Told By My Grandfather–Raven Steals Daylight


Todd Jason Baker Artwork

Raven Steals Daylight

When the world was created, everything was in darkness. All the daylight was kept in one little box. That one little box was hidden in Seagull’s house, and Seagull kept it all to himself.

Now, Raven, who was Seagull’s brother, thought that this just wasn’t fair. It was so dark and cold without any daylight. If only he could get that box. But how? Raven sat down and thought and thought.

Aha!! He had it — a plan, a great plan.

That night, when the tide was low, Raven went down to the beach and picked up some sea urchins. A sea urchin has a hard shell with little sharp spines all over it. After he had eaten these sea urchins, he quietly tip–toed up to Seagull’s house. Quietly he spread the sharp spiny shells all around the door step, then quickly he crept back home.

The next morning, Raven strolled over to see his younger brother. Seagull was in bed. His feet were all swollen. Poor Seagull.

“Oh my! What happened to you?” cried Raven.

“Did you gather some sea urchins last night?” asked Seagull.

“Why yes I did,” replied Raven, looking surprised.

“Well I guess those children of yours went and dropped their shells all around my front steps. I stepped on them and now look at my feet, just full of thorns.”

“Let me have a look. Put your feet up here,” said Raven. Seagull lifted up his feet.

“Now how do you expect me to see in this darkness? Open up your daylight box a little, Seagull.”

Seagull opened up his box a tiny, tiny bit.

Raven had a knife and kept jabbing Seagull with it, in the wrong place.

“Owie! Owie! Ouch!” yelled Seagull.

“Well, if you give me a little more light I could see what I was doing. Give me more light!” complained Raven.

Seagull opened the box a bit more.

Raven kept pricking and jabbing Seagull’s foot with his knife.

“Oh please, Raven, leave my feet alone. You can’t take the thorns out. You’re killing me.”

Seagull brought the box closer.

Quick as lightning, Raven threw off the lid, and then…

the daylight escaped, and spread all over the room. Then outside it went, spreading it’s lovely warm glow wider and wider till daylight spread all over the world.

Seagull saw his beautiful daylight escaping him, and he began to cry and cry. And he is still crying for his daylight today.

Just listen sometime, and you can hear him too.

Cited From: The Turtle Tracks Organization


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