Video – Making A Fur Ruff – Repositioning The Fur Ruff – Part 8

Part 8 – Making A Fur Ruff – Repositioning the Fur Ruff

  • Hand Sewing — Attaching the Fur Ruff to the Material Lining

Using the size “D” waxed beading thread and a leather or fur needle, attach the right side of the ruff (fur side) to the right side of the lining material.

Take the needle and insert it in the LOWER LEFT corner of the fur side of the ruff as a starting point. Don’t pull the thread hard. Just let the knotted end of the thread sit in the fur, then pull thorough gently and back around to the lining material.

Sew a few stitches to secure the corner. Then tucking the fur edges into (between) the lining material and the edge of the fur ruff as you sew along the THREE edges of the lining.

Starting at the lower left corner to the upper left corner across the top to the upper right corner and ending at the lower right corner. Do NOT sew across the bottom edge of the ruff.

After this is completed we will turn the fur ruff with the fur facing outward and after repositioning the fur we will sew across the bottom of the lining to attach it to the bottom of the fur ruff. This step is illustrated in the video.

If you would like us to make a fur ruff for you, please click in the link below:

Raven’s Ruff Stuff Arctic Gear


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