Video – Part 5 – Making A Fur Ruff – Sewing The Fur Strip

Part 5 – Making A Fur Ruff – Sewing The Fur Strip

  • Thread Preparation

Get a good length of Size “D” waxed beading thread.

Light one end of cut thread, keep lit until a small waxed ball forms. Blow it out. A hard, waxed ball knot will form. Wax the thread with Beeswax or Thread Magic.

Use a fur or Glovers leather needle, size #7 needle works nicely. You don’t want to use a large needle because it will make big holes in the hide.

Place the two fur strips with the fur flowing in the same direction, right sides together, and sew small stitches across the top (width–end) of the fur.

Stitches should be very close together, about 14 stitches or more per inch. The stitch length should be ¼ inch from the top of the fur.

At the end of the row, cut the thread at an inch or so, and then since it is waxed thread you can burn the thread to make a knot. It will burn down to the hide. Be sure to pull the fur away or the fur will singe or burn. The wax will form into a knot. While it is still hot, tap it with your lighter to flat it. This works well to prevent fraying.

Put threaded needle in a pin cushion.

If you would like us to make a fur ruff for you, please visit our website below:

Raven’s Ruff Stuff Arctic Gear


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