04.21.08–Distant Time Stories As Told By My Grandfather–How Fish Were Found At Old Telida


How Fish Were Found At Old Telida

There lived two couples up by Denali (Mt. McKinley). The men went hunting and while they were hunting, some people from some place killed them. The women were at the camp. The murderers did not find them. So the women started to make a living by making snares with eagle feathers. They stripped the back of the feathers and made snares. With those snares, they caught mountain squirrels. They found the feathers under the eagles’ nests. While they were camping there, spring came, and then summer.

They left the camp and started down by way of McKinley Fork. The only food they could find on the way were berries. As they traveled, they came to a creek that came out of a big lake. They they found whitefish. They made a fish wier somehow. They got food at last. This place is what is now called old Telida.

At this place, they caught a lot of whitefish. They dried some, and they put some underground. What else could they do? With something, they made a home underground. By this time, it was winter. They had not seen any one all along, but as winter went on, someone came to the door and said, “Who are you people?”

The person that came to the door was their only brother. He stayed down river somewhere. He had looked for them all over and way down McKinley Fork. At last, he found them there. It was from then on, the people started to catch whitefish at Old Telida.

(That was the way the story was told from long ago).

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