04.17.1878/1912–This Day in Alaskan History

Sheldon_Jackson_College Dr_Sheldon_Jackson

Sitka, Alaska

1878–Sheldon Jackson School is founded in Sitka. The school, which eventually became Sheldon Jackson College, initially was founded as an “industrial and training” school for Tlingit boys.

Sheldon Jackson School in Sitka, Alaska


Bear Creek, Alaska
Haycock, Alaska

1912–William E. Beltz is born in Bear Creek. He served in the Territorial and State legislatures. He grew up in Haycock, a mining camp in the Bering Straits Region. In 1948, Beltz, who later lived in Nome, and Percy Ipalook (pictured above) of Wales were the first Inupiaq Eskimos elected to the Territorial Legislature. The first Alaska Native to serve in the Territorial Legislature was Tlingit William L. Paul.

Cited From: Alaska Native History–A Reference in Time, Edited by Alexandra J. McClanahan and The CIRI Foundation, 2001.

A Reference In Time Book


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