04.13.08–Traditional Foods and Recipes–Garlic Roasted Bear


Tundra Comic Strip by Chad Carpenter–The Funniest Man in Alaska.

Tundra Comic Strips

Garlic Roast Bear

Use about an 8 pounds (3.6 kg) roast off the rump of a young bear. Put in cold water, into which slice three or four medium–sized onions and let soak for about four hours. Remove from water, rinse, and wipe dry. Force small pieces of garlic deep into the meat, using a sharp knife to make holes. Put pieces of garlic as near the bone as possible. Use about one small clove of garlic in all. Season with salt and pepper. Brown in hot bacon drippings. Bake in an open pan for three hours at 350° F (175°C), turning the meat several times while cooking.

Cited From: PTA Cook Book, by Ralph Hall of Petersburg, Alaska., and from Cooking Alaskan by Alaskans, Published by Alaska Northwest Books, 1994.

Cooking Alaskan By Alaskans Cookbook


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