03.23.1910/1974/1974–This Day in Alaskan History–Blessed Resurrection Easter Sunday

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1910–President William Howard Taft adds several tracts of land to a park originally created on June 21, 1890, by President Benjamin Harrison. He designates the area as Sitka National Monument. The park will eventually become the Sitka National Historical Park, with a mission to preserve historically and culturally significant sties and artifacts related to the 1804 Battle of Sitka between the Kiks.adi Tlingits and the Russians.




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1974–Tyonek Native Corporation elects officers, including Chairman Bonnie McCord, Vice President Daniel Standifer, Recording Secretary Emil McCord and members Agnes Brown, Seraphim Stephan, Elsie Shane, and Adam Kroto.

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1974–Doyon, LTD., becomes the first Native regional corporation to hold its annual shareholders’ meeting, establishing it as an independent corporation. Until this date, the 12 regional corporations in Alaska formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act operated on an interim basis with temporary officers and board members.

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Cited From: A Reference in Time, Alaska Native History Day by Day. Edited by Alexandra J. McClanahan and Published by the CIRI Foundation.

A Reference in Time


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