Blue Velvet White Fox Winter Kuspuk

This is a arctic winter kuspuk (women’s parka with a skirt). The outer shell is constructed of cotton-backed velvet. This is a non-stretching velvet. The fur ruff is white fox. It is twelve inches in width and 36 inches in length. There is trim (ribbon) sewn around the cuffs, Eskimo pockets, and above the skirt. The inner shell is the heaviest 20-ounce jencelite lining. The fur ruff has a satin lining. This is a custom-made, custom-fitted kuspuk order, as are all my orders.

If interested in purchasing a custom made arctic winter kuspuk, break-up kuspuk or a summer dress kuspuk, please click on the email link below:


or if interested in seeing more products, please visit my Website, Raven’s Ruff Stuff Arctic Gear, still under construction:


One response to “Blue Velvet White Fox Winter Kuspuk

  1. Question: Can you tell me where you get the jencelite lining? I am Yupi’k (by way of Oregon currently) and was just in Bethel, Alaska, this last week, but I couldn’t find any lining to make a parka with. Thank you!

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