02.20.1962/1973/1985–This Day in Alaskan History

Minto, Alaska

1962–The Regional Solicitor of the Department of the Interior issues an opinion in which he asserts that “Indian Title” is involved in a protest by the Natives of Minto, Northway, Tanacross, and Lake Alegnagik. The protest involves approximately 5,860,000 acres of land that conflict with 1,750,000 acres of state selections. This was in reaction to state plans to establish a recreation area near the Athabascan village of Minto and to construct a road into the area to make it accessible to Fairbanks residents. The people of Minto eventually hired Ted Stevens (before he became a U.S. senator for Alaska) to push their claims, and Stevens offered his services free. The Regional Solicitor concluded by suggesting that protests be dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

Nome, Alaska

1973–Kawerak Inc. has become officially incorporated. Kawerak is the nonprofit organization for the Bering Straits Region. Its headquarters are in Nome.

1985–Bells Flat Natives Inc., a Koniag Region village corporation, becomes officially incorporated.

Cited From: A Reference in Time, Alaska Native History Day by Day. Edited by Alexandra J. McClanahan. Published by The CIRI Foundation, 2001.

A Reference in Time


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