Distant Time Stories As Told By My Grandfather– Raven Helped The People

Raven was living by himself some where. He paddled upriver to visit the people who were at fish camp. The fish started running but no one caught any. Then he paddled down river. He was going along when he came to a place that had a fish trap fence all the way across it. There were a lot of fish behind it. It was a grizzly bear that had the fence across the river so the people would not catch any fish.

Raven went back upriver and told them about what he saw. He went and told the story to everybody at all the fish camps. They told him to do something about it since nothing was ever hard for him. He said that he couldn’t do anything.

The people said, “We are hungry. Do something.” Finally, he went to see Seagull. He told him, “Eagle said you are very bad. He will fight with you when he sees you.”

Seagull told him that he would fight too. So Raven went to see Eagle too. He said to him that Seagull would fight him, that Seagull did not like him. Eagle got very angry and said, “I wonder why Seagull is saying that. Let’s go see him.”

They both paddled to see Seagull. Seagull was on the sandbar. They stopped by him and Eagle said, “Let us fight with each other. Let us see who will be the strongest.” So they started. They started throwing each other around.

After they fought for a while, Seagull got sick to his stomach. He threw up lots of fish scales. When that happened, Raven told them to quit fighting. “You can’t fight that long!” They let each other go. They became friends again.

Then Raven smeared the fish scales all over inside his canoe. He put some on himself too. He went down river after that. He stopped at Grizzly’s place and went ashore. He told him about how the people upriver were catching a lot of fish. Grizzly got very angry and said, “How could the fish go through my fish trap fence?” Raven said that he was telling the truth and told him to look at the dried fish scales on him. He also said to him, to Grizzly, “Where is this place where no one works? It is where you are staying.” Grizzly got really angry and pulled out the fence. Raven went back upriver and told them, the people, that the fence was out and the fish would be coming soon.

The End.

(c)1963-1975. Personal Communication.


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