02.07.1893/1907/1983–This Day in Alaskan History

Metlakatla, Alaska

1893–A fire in the community of Metlakatla destroys 24 homes. Canadian Tsimshians migrated from Prince Rupert, British Columbia, and founded Metlakatla in 1887. They were seeking religious freedom.

1907–Oscar Craig is born in Copper Center. According to the Ahtna Inc. 25th Anniversary publication, the foundation of Ahtna is a direct result of his vision, hopes and dreams. He was diplomatic, compassionate and was one of the most vocal leaders for the Ahtna people. He was a past officer of the Alaska Native Brotherhood and president of Ahtna ‘T’Aene Nene, as well as serving on a number of other committees. He fought very hard for Native land claims and died in 1967, four years before the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act was passed.

1983–The United Nations grants Category II Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status to the Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC), an international Inuit organization formed in 1977 with Inuit membership from Canada, Greenland, and Alaska.

Work Cites:

A Reference in Time Alaska Native History Day by Day by Alexandra J. McClanahan of the CIRI Foundation, (C) 2001.

A Reference In Time


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